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Welcome, I'm Tracy.

I specialize in providing support to individuals, couples, and young people within the realm of Neurodiversity, particularly focusing on autism and dyslexia.

With extensive experience in assisting clients from diverse backgrounds and age groups, I consider it a privilege to have supported individuals over the years.

Combining personal lived experiences with numerous hours of clinical practice in my private practice and within various third-sector organizations, I offer tailored support and guidance. Additionally, I provide supervision for both trainee and qualified counsellors/therapists, including "top-up" supervision when needed.


Furthermore, I extend my services to businesses through training and consultancy, offering workshops and other educational opportunities.


As a neurodivergent individual myself, along with my family members, I am deeply immersed in a community of exceptional and unique individuals. I value both my personal and professional experiences with neurodivergent individuals, fostering mutual support and empowerment.

It brings me great joy to accompany my clients on their journey towards discovering their own experiences and voices in the world, embracing their uniqueness along the way. I hold deep respect for all my clients and the therapeutic work I provide.


Creating a safe and understanding space where individuals feel heard, supported, and listened to is paramount. Counseling offers an opportunity to unload the burdens that may feel too heavy to carry alone. Together, we can sift through the contents of this metaphorical "rucksack," discerning what serves you and what doesn't. My aim is for you to leave our sessions feeling lighter and better equipped to navigate your path forward.


If this resonates with you and you're ready to embark on this journey together, please don't hesitate to reach out. Whether it's a casual chat with a cuppa or seeking additional supervision to enhance the therapeutic experience for your clients, I'm here to support you.

Please note that I am dyslexic, so there may be occasional grammar or spelling mistakes.

Best wishes, Tracy

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