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Living in a snowglobe.

I’ve heard people say that have felt as though they have been “living in a bubble”.

As this is my first ever blog, I am hoping that I am able to explain how I am seeing my own “bubble” at the moment, although for me it feels more like living in a snowglobe hence the title of this writing.

As a counsellor I met with people from all ages, backgrounds, belief etc and one theme usually is that their world is now feeling unsafe, uncertainly have come into their forefront of their world and they don’t know how cope or deal with.

I have an intellectual learning disability, called Dyslexia. Now I am explaining this as it’s relevant to this blog, I may write another blog about my personal experience of being Dyslexic or not. The point I am making is this, I find words sometimes a challenge in making myself clearly understood. Usually my brain will create not a word but a picture/scene when the words elude me. And here is an example for this, and the theme behind this blog.

In today’s situation personally I can very much relate to this, I wonder if you can too?

· Feeling out of sync with your daily routine.

· Not in control/restricted.

· Everything upside down.

· Nothing feels the same.

You get the idea; the list would be endless. When I have a client expressing a theme very similar to the above the image that comes to my mind is a snowglobe. I will make an assumption here that you the reader know what a snowglobe is and the effect it creates.

A snowglobe usually has some pretty idyllic scene inside and has a protected bubble around it, protecting the scene held within. Within the globe is usually some glitter/snow like material, so when you lift the globe and shake the material creates a different scene. Very pretty to look at and sometimes calming to watch. However, I am finding myself questioning what it must feel like to be in that scene. How does it feel to have something lift my world and change it without my permission, consent or me being in charge of what happens to my world? Does this sound familiar?

I feel that in today’s current globe situation we are all living in a snowglobe, and this unknown, unseen force has taken the world and shook it like a snowglobe. Now when a client speaks with me about their world feeling not the same, out of sync I can truly empathize exactly how that must feel as I have and am personally experiencing it at this very moment, very much like yourselves and your loved ones.

My point I am trying to convey is like a snowglobe, the scene will return to the calm, gentle scene again and will wait until the globe is lifted and shook once more. I know my scene will have been changed by this experience and may never be the same ever again. I hope that I have learned the importance of what a human being means to mean. My family, friends and things I told for granted now have a different meaning.

Thank you for your time in reading this, my first blog from a room I have now been in for 4 days away from my family due to me perhaps having this virus. Be safe. Take care of yourself and each other. We are all living in a snowglobe.

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